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Got my 750i! REVEAL PIX and a few basic questions, please help!...

Hi all,

I received my preordered 2013 750i yesterday (Graphite II with Saddle interior and Matte dash). I absolutely LOVE it. But boy is it a complicated machine! LOL. It's taken me 2 full days to learn the basics (having come from a Lexus LS460 that is 3 years old).

I have a few questions if that is ok.

1) When I turn the engine off using the on/off button, the radio and dashboard lights stay on. So I have to push it again to turn it off completely?? Is there a way to just adjust it so the button turns off everything the first time?

2) I also have to open the car door by pulling on the lever twice. Can I just pull on it once and have it open? All this extra effort seems crazy to me.

2) When I wear my sunglasses while driving, I can hardly see the pop up display. When I set it brighter, I can see it better but then it's really annoying when my sunglasses are off. Any trick to this?

3) The pop up projection display is shifted a bit to the left of my steering wheel. I can see where I can change the height of the projection but is there a way to ask BMW to center it more?

4) My Ipod touch continues to charge in USB port even after I turn off the car and lock the doors. Will this drain the battery? Is there a way to disable this? Or do I have to unplug the ipod every time (it's an older large GB device).

5) When I drive, if I take the foot off the gas pedal, the car slowly slows down, as if it's breaking. This even happens on a hill on the freeway. Is this normal? It seems like i have to "ride the accelerator petal" in order to maintain my speed. I am used to "coasting" but my car doesn't. Is this normal?

Thank you for any and all help! K
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