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Originally Posted by kath00 View Post
1) When I turn the engine off using the on/off button, the radio and dashboard lights stay on. So I have to push it again to turn it off completely?? Is there a way to just adjust it so the button turns off everything the first time?

2) I also have to open the car door by pulling on the lever twice. Can I just pull on it once and have it open? All this extra effort seems crazy to me.
1) I think F1 mis-read, yes you will have to push the start button twice. First to turn off engine, then electronics. I thought it was crazy, but give it a couple weeks and you'll be doing it to your other cars by accident like I do

2) This can be coded. If you don't have children, or feel comfortable enough getting it coded. In the iDrive settings, turn off the locking while in drive or whatever it says. Essentially your doors will stay unlocked, so when you come to park, you won't have to do the double pull.

5) Yes it does not have that same coast as other cars do, I suspect it has something to do with a quasi-regenerative system when that efficient dynamics blue arrow comes on in the MPG meter. Another thing you'll just get used to...

Can't help you with the HUD as I don't have it.

Good luck
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