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Originally Posted by Edgy36-39 View Post
Congrats on your purchase, and your quest...
If the above doesn't sound like what you received, I know someone who might get it for you. See the list for my M5 attached.
Thanks Edgy. I appreciate it.

I've got my new transmission (used) installed but I'm having problems. It still read trans failsafe prog, and the engine (light) is on. I used an actron code reader to get the code which is P1748 which is Transmission Control Module Self Test which looks to be related to the "trans prog failsafe" error.

Here are the symtoms:
  1. It goes into P, R, D, M, but the dash indicator lights don't show those positions.
  2. It drives in reverse, and very, very slow in drive which I already know if limp mode.
  3. With the engine OFF, but the key turned to just before cranking the motor, I can shift the tranny into P, R, D, M and the lights on the dash DO show the position.

My question is what tool can reset the Trans Failsafe Prog error? I've searched the forum for answers, but the threads are deep and none that I've found so far, say definitively which tool resets the Trans Failsafe Prog. Any ideas?
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