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There are pros and cons to every make.

Japanese tend to be more reliable (not so much mazda from what I hear), but they're boring or underpowered, the GT-R/LFA would be the exception.

Domestic are getting their act together (interior materials, fit and finish, etc), though their dealer network is terrible. I absolutely love my '12 300SRT, but all the dealers near me are complete garbage and I'll never own another domestic after this car. Car has been bulletproof, same with my '08 Charger SRT8 before I traded it in, as well as my Jeep, Tahoe and Silverado. Only have to do oil changes and tire rotations. Though I did replace the shocks on my Silverado at 120k recently, but it was shipped to Hawaii and back. And I suspect that was the culprit.

German tend to be higher maintenance, and lesser reliable; But the offset is that they're at the top for fit and finish, driving dynamics, quality, and dealer network (for me anyways - mine near me is awesome). If I had to keep a car for 10 years, I'd still get a German car. I will never go back, I'd just have to make sure I keep it very well maintained, do proactive maintenance like more frequent than 15k oil changes

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