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Buy old car, maybe have to fork out a bit for repairs, possibly if you buy bad get ripped off you'll need to fork out a lot

Buy new car you might buy a lemon, very slight chance though, but you certainly will do a massive chunk of your money in depreciation and maybe more with finance.

I have paid an extra 50% of the purchase price in 6 weeks for my 19 yr old 540i, in transfer fees/stamp duty, insurance, and various repairs (fuel pump, p/s flush due to incorrect fluid, engine and tranny mounts which some douche mechanic ought to lose accreditation over (should not have passed roadworthy cert for sale), and theres a bit of shimmy which will need some steering bits in 6mo or so... but I budgeted for more so am not worried yet. I think people get excited thinking they bought a $1k or $5k BMW and then get a nasty surprise about what follows that theyre not prepared for.

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