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Originally Posted by av98 View Post
I wouldn't say it's all about comfort, the DHP is pretty good below the 7/10ths limit and when using scenario #2 & 3 when set to the Sport + Sport modes. However, it struggles most when you add more variables for the algorithm to handle ala scenario #1.

And to Sean, the DHP is more than adequate for all driving situations below the 7/10ths limit and is very refined. This alone imho negates the need to upgrade if you want a DD that's sporty enough for 85% of all driving scenarios.

Btw, I liked how at least BJ was humble enough to admit he wasn't qualified to comment instead of feel like objective opinions were an attack on the DHP.
I think the issue that some of us have with your comments on DHP is that, AFAIK you've had ONE test drive of the F30 with this suspension on it and yet you are opining like you are some kind of expert who has logged thousands of miles in aggressive driving situations with this suspension.

Your opinions might be validated, however, as I've pointed out before, not a single journalist (some of whom are pro or amateur track drivers) have made ANY of the complaints about the system that you have, even the ones who drove the DHP equipped cars at Laguna Seca at the launch.

To each their own I guess.
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