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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of questions for you. My car was sitting in the garage for 2 weeks and when I finally turned it on, got an error message, "Increased Emissions" on my iDrive. I did some online research first and realized that many people have seen this with their M5s but almost every single time it was related to a throttle valve issue. When I took mine to the dealer, they diagnosed it as failure of the thermostat. It is costing me 1100 to get it fixed. (An indy shop in Dublin quoted me 1000 so it was better just to get it done at the dealer). My question to you (experienced owners) is, is there a way some of these issues can be avoided? Was this due to lack of ignition? Any routine process I can implement to minimize these issues?
Also, since these repairs are so expensive and costing me a pretty penny every time, can someone please suggest a good comprehensive warranty coverage that is approved by BMW? As you can tell, I have every intention to keep this car as long as possible but if these maintenance fees are skyrocketing, then it would be hard for me to justify. Rodger, any advice?
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