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Originally Posted by SteVTEC View Post
I just had to get my battery replaced. Was no longer holding a charge, only 12,000 miles. Biggest problem is that my commute is a whopping one (1) mile, and try as I might to mix in some longer distance driving when possible it's just not enough to keep the battery charged. So a timely thread, was wondering if there were any recommended battery tenders/chargers. Will check those out and pick one up. Not much I can do about my commute, and I'd rather have an hour to work out than having to drive my car around extra.
Originally Posted by MP3_E46 View Post
Good question. Did they give you grief?

-verts really seem to suffer from this. Maybe more of us have tiny commutes? I bought the CTEK 7002 but the cheaper CTEK or this are fine for trickle charging. Mine can fully charge a flat battery quicker and has a recondition mode that apparently often gets 2->3 years more from dead batteries
Originally Posted by SteVTEC View Post
Mine battery was replaced under warranty yes, but it said right on the paperwork that the computer is saying "unfavorable driving profile, too many short trips". And I never cycle the top without the engine running, specifically to avoid hitting the battery too hard knowing that I do a lot of short trips.
Yes, this seems to be epidemic among us low mileage cabrio owners. Mine was 3 years old, 23,000 miles and replaced under warranty the beginning of November. Also had he "unfavorable driver behavior" codes.

Yes, also now a proud owner of a CTEK unit.
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