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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I found that with the sport suspension and 18" Non-RFTs the ride quality actually improved when I ran higher pressures. I realize this is completely counterintuitive but my wife made the same observation and when I posted my impression here (thinking we may have been imagining it) there were others who had expericenced the same thing.

CA, I'm wondering if that's b/c the stock sport suspension was meant to work with RFTs. So, putting more pressure in a non-RFT was a better match for the suspension.

I just put on Pirelli Sottozero RFT on the stock rims (2009 335i sedan, sport pkg). I originally wanted non-RFT winter tires, but couldn't find any for sale. I was shocked at the improvement in ride quality over the stock Bridgestone RFT. I've played around with tire pressure a bit with them and the higher pressure trick didn't improve ride quality this time around. Rather, it made them sound similar to the crash stock Bridgestones. For my winter RFTs, the pressure on the door jams seem perfect. Why are these cars so sensitive to tire pressure?

Anyway, I have a set of Koni FSDs on the way. But with the way the car is riding, I'm not 100% sure I need them. This car rides firm and a bit noisy over patches, but I only get harsh bangs over the worst city pavement. The car is worlds better than my old 2006 was. That car was hopeless. Not even Koni FSD and non-RFT could save it.

What pressure are you running with non-RFT and Koni FSD? Above or below recommended? I would think that with the Konis, you'd need a decent amount of pressure to transmit the higher frequency to the shocks to let them do their thing, no? If you were to lower the pressure with a non-RFT, I'm wondering if that would take the edge off too much, causing the Konis to stay in their stiffer mode?

I also see a lot of people talking about going with a higher sidewall. Not sure that will make much of a difference. I went +1 on my 330. Wasn't the fix I was after. With a properly sorted suspension and non-RFT, 18" and even 19" rims can ride just fine. My RS4, as well as a few S4s I test drove all had big rims and low profile tires. They all road very firm, but were never the least bit crashy.
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