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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post
I think the issue that some of us have with your comments on DHP is that, AFAIK you've had ONE test drive of the F30 with this suspension on it and yet you are opining like you are some kind of expert who has logged thousands of miles in aggressive driving situations with this suspension.

Your opinions might be validated, however, as I've pointed out before, not a single journalist (some of whom are pro or amateur track drivers) have made ANY of the complaints about the system that you have, even the ones who drove the DHP equipped cars at Laguna Seca at the launch.

To each their own I guess.
Ironically l have a friend that used to write for Edmunds and Automobile mag and none of the editors including him ever drove their review cars the way I described in scenario #1. All were either scenario# 2 & 3, so it wouldn't surprise me if none of them ever experience that type of car feedback.

If you don't trust my opinion go do what I described in scenario # 1 on your car then report back here with your findings in detail. I'm really curious what you think. Just make sure you know your driving limits, your car to the inch of it's car's handling dynamics and the road you are using.

When you've driven a road like the twisties you always describe lots of times, you should know all the idiosyncrasies, such as road camber, gravel areas, uneven road surfaces, switchbacks, apexes, brake points, lines to take (regular, passing, safe, limit [within and outside the lines]), plus the most important part - run off. Your twisty/togue course is the best to apply scenario# 1. You should be able to plot a corner by corner experience in which you can systematically+repeatedly keep the same throttle, brake pressure applied, entry & exit lines (hopefully within inches from the road edge at limit driving). At least if you and the road are a constant the car should be the differentiator to tell you what does and doesn't work/improve.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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