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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
Did you verify that those will attach properly to the arms?

You are correct, the blades are 24 and 19. I understand what Bentley means by "twisting". Used to do it all the time. What they are referring to is making sure that the blade contacts the glass at a 90 degree angle. As things wear (all the swivel points) the blade can shift over, say to 85 degrees. Now when a new (grabby) blade is installed into the original metal armature the rubber will chatter over the glass in one direction and not the other. Bend the armature and when it's at 90 the chatter goes away.

Hot, you cheapie! I change blades every year regardless, and most of the time when I do have a reason it is because of streaking, what the heck, they're a year old. And btw, if you can find out for sure just what is the difference between the Evolutions and the Icons, let me know.
I demand a perfect view out my windshield and streaks of any kind annoy me as much as noisy blades.
(As you can tell, some things annoy me. I once had a Nissan 300Z with the 'talking' warning system. I was leaving NJ for NH when suddenly I get a Ding! followed by "The driver's door is ajar!" The door switch wiring had broken. I listened to that every ten seconds all the way home. You have no idea how close to the edge that put me.)
:lol: Honestly though, I usually change my wiper blades every year because I also get annoyed by the little streaks that form but never had the issue with the Icons until the last set I bought. I absolutely love the Bosch Icons, but if I'm going to replace them every year(which I tend to do) I was getting tired of shelling out $50 each time on 'higher quality' blades that as far as I've seen perform the same as the Evo's.

I have put a set on the Camry three years running, until last year(selling it). The Icons are better if you're going to keep them on for awhile. I've had no issues with the Evolutions in the past 9 months of using them. Streak free, and chatter free. If you want the ultimate, The Icons will last. The EVO is just a step below the Icons. The M3 actually just got a new set of Icons put on not too long ago.

Here are the differences of the two wipers though:

-The Evolution has a symmetric spoiler, the Icon has Asymmetrical aerodynamic flexible spoiler

-The rubber on the Evolution uses a precision cut natural wiping edge, while the Icons use exclusive FX dual rubber.

(That means that the top of the rubber actually has a soft layer where it connects to the wind spoiler which will help reduce chatter.)

- The Evolution uses steel springs to keep pressure on the wipers.

-The Icons have two different wipers for the driver and passenger, which helps reduce streaking.
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