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Originally Posted by wassy View Post
Ok. I see where the systems deficit is. When I'm playing stored music I loaded from USB or even Bluetooth streaming or via iPhone cable, I get a nice crisp, full sound that is quite acceptable with my own EQ settings. However, when playing Sirius stations, even with same songs, it sounds washed out, crushed if you will. The seperation of sound on Sirius just isn't there no don't know if this is a function of the Sirius receiver or what but that's what I've concluded in recent days after spending alot if time tweaking this.
Sirius =32kps-48kps

CD burned into HDD = 128kps WAV

Bluetooth streaming = 229kps-345kps/by the source compression, i.e. if the source material is highly compressed (128kps for example) then BT audio resolution will be closer to 128kps than to 229kps. To get as close to 345kps as possible then the source should be a commercial CD.

USB = up to 320kps; if the source is 320kps then it will play at 320kps

Commercial CD = 1411kps

That's what you found out by listening without the technical mumbo jumbo.
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