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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
There were some others advocating this, so I'm not really picking on Orient. Nevertheless, this is what Mike Miller says on the subject (Roundel, August 2012 page 109):

"Clean your lug bolts, too; ... wire wheel on bench grinder. Apply a THIN coat of anti-seize compount, mount the wheels, and torque the lug bolts to BMW specs. (Comment on change to torque spec to 140nm +- 10 nm (103.3ft-lb +- 7.38 ft-lb) for all M14 thread, for M12 thread 120+-10 nm(103.3+-7.38 ft lb)
Note to people who think torque specs should change where anti-seize is used: hold your letters, because I'm not buying a word of it. And I really mean hold your letters - I've been installing wheels the same way for 25 years with nothing but the expected results. Debate amoung yourselves; we who work on our cars trust the emperical evidence before our eyes.

Note to people who think anti-seize should not be used on lug bolts: Hold your letters, too. Come spend a winter in the Northeast withoput anti-seize on your lug bolts and then try to get them off in the Spring using the tool in the trunk. Empirical evidence wins again

On this subject, I go with Miller (on some others, I don't). Please note that the liquid calcium chloride de-icer they use now is worse than salt for corrosion, IMO.
in the past 12 years of bmw ownership and living in the north east, i have never had a problem getting lugs off with dry threads if properly torqued. with hand tools.

BTW, 120nm is 89ft/lbs, not 103... the M12 torque spec has not changed. bmw has switched to 19mm head M14X1.25 bolts for the F30. those need to be torqued to 140nm

we can agree to disagree, but...
1) the torque values listed by the mfr are for "clean and dry" threads
2) lubricated threads will read lower torque for a given clamping spec vs dry threads
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