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Bizarre Reverse Issue

Hi Everyone!
My 1993 5351 (177k) needed a jump because I carelessly shut the trunk lid and it didn't shut all the way and the light stayed on and ran down the battery. I couldn't get it jumped until the next day, and it started right away, it hadn't completely run down as clock had the right time.
As I put it into reverse, a strange thing happened! It felt like I was blocked by something! The highway assistance guy thought my parking brake was on, but no, and he ended up having me put in neutral and pushed me out of my parking spot so I could get home. On the way home at red lights with no one behind me it had no problem going into reverse!
The same thing happened the next morning....and has intermittently continued, once it is warm there is no problem.
I was stuck at work a couple of days later in the garage (it did it again) and I called the shop where I go and they talked me through checking the trans oil level, and it seemed very low although the car was cold. A guy at work gave me some fluid, we put some in and instantly it reversed JUST FINE! I then drove to the mechanic to check it, who said I am now overfilled, and they think the problem would come back tomorrow. BUT WHY? I think it must be an electrical issue since it occurred right after the jump, but what do I know?
So, there was no problem for a couple of days, but now the problem is back again. I can indeed slowly and painfully reverse, then drive and in a few minutes it shifts into reverse as pretty as you please. Sorry for this long explanation, but anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? THANKS so much!
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