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Originally Posted by blingin96 View Post
I still need to find some tips for the system. I'm searching eBay right now. ( I'm up for suggestions for the tips).,Tips get expensive!
I plan on keeping the resonator ( the lung looking piece) and cutting another hole on the opposite side similar to the M5 piece. I am not going to run any mufflers after that point. It just going to be straight out after the resonator.
oh now i see.....i was wondering how a whole muffler was going to fit in the tiny space that you just cut out! but then again,wouldn't the setup be a"lop sided" and unbalanced ie no muffler on the rh side with just a straight pipe coming out from the "lungs"?

this is interesting....most cut out a 1/4 of the trunk space to accomodate the muffler and sacrificing spare tyre space........

completed pics a must........

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