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Bluetooth / A2DP / AUX Input etc

Hi Folks,

Been reading some of the previous posts regarding audio other than phonecall audio over bluetooth, and was looking to check my understanding.

My car is a 118d coupe - first registered April 2010. It has the Professional radio, with the 3.5mm aux input, and factory fit bluetooth. My phone is (currently at least!) an HTC Sensation.

The bluetooth connection works fine for its "main" purpose - making / receiving calls, viewing address book etc etc.

People have mentioned the need for A2DP in order to support streaming of "other" audio over the car stereo. Various mentions have been made of 3rd party devices that plug in to the 3.5mm aux input. Mention has also been made of multi-point bluetooth connections on phones which would allow my phone to connect to both the car bluetooth, and this 3rd party device concurrently (yet to check if my phone supports this).

HOWEVER! Most threads have been regarding the streaming of music on the phone to the car. For this purpose, it seems to me the use of the Aux input is perfectly suited.... but I'm quite happy with the radio for music - what I want, is to use the car speakers for the audio from Google Navigation (my phone's speaker is cr*p and can barely be heard with the radio on!).

It seems to me while this WOULD work using the aux connection, when google navigation was "quiet" - everything would be quiet, since there'd be no radio playing!

Is my understanding wrong here?

How can I verify if the bluetooth in my car does / doesn't support A2DP?

Can I get a BMW fit upgrade to my car's bluetooth (if needed), and if so, how / guesses as to cost?

I'm guessing the ultimate answer is going to be an overall "can't be done" - as this would kinda render BMW designing their own sat nav system rather redundant

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