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Advice & Opinions Needed: Blown HG - 98 M3/4/5 88k miles

Hi Guys,

I recently discovered I've had a HG failure. Very disappointing as my car only has 88k, hasn't been tracked and has been well maintained. I'm concerned the head might be cracked as well. Whats interesting is I believe the car never overheated. Spirited drives have lasted no longer than 10 minutes on back roads, and I've kept a close eye on temp on the highway.

Right now, the car is going in storage for the winter anyway as its a secondary car. The car also needs a throw out bearing, so I will need to replace the clutch as well when I fix the car. I will be doing the work myself. I'm looking for opinions on where to go from here. I have a couple of things in mind.

Option 1: Take off/inspect head. IF not cracked, have it decked. Replace HG, Reinstall with ARP hardware.

Option 2: Take off/inspect head. If not cracked have it decked. Replace cams with something aftermarket. Reinstall with ARP hardware. Install LW flywheel with clutch replacement.

Option 3: Take off/inspect head. If not cracked have it decked. Reinstall with ARP and a head spacer. Complete with a supercharger build. (I'm not sure if headspacers are available or recommended)

Option 4: Head is cracked. Purchase a rebuilt head, reassemble with ARP hardware.

Option 5: Head is cracked. Purchase/Install Euro S52B32. Repair NA motor in spare time, sell when complete.

This is my first experience with a BMW. I've owned the car for 3k miles, and while its the most fun car I've ever owned, its also been the most trouble. I currently have another money pit project, a mk2 GTI VR6T.

What I'm looking for, is to hear from people who have been in my shoes, gone with a set of cams, owned a supercharged car or a Euro swapped car, and the costs associated.

Thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance.
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