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Originally Posted by ForcedFirebird View Post
Awesome. Robert is a good guy. We will be installing one of his Spec motors in an e30 soon. You got lucky that it was just a swap of the shims, the kits aren't close to being cheap.

We will see about the 'fest, it's a hike for us - I am concentrating on getting my competition license this year, going to revive the Delphin car for Spec

I won't keep cluttering up your thread with babble, carry on - but post more pics!
Let us know how the Spec project goes.

The POs had taken good care of this car - the tensioner and valve adjustment were two items that were not addressed for some reason. Maybe because there are two schools of thought in terms of whether to run the stock TCT or use the E36 unit (the TCT was replaced with an OE unit at 60K). The valvetrain was relativley quiet - maybe an assumption was made that it was within range.

Robert said that the plug wire terminals were starting to corrode. I will drive this car less than 1,000 miles a year, so I figured I would replace the ignition parts now vs. waiting for five years.

Levent told me that when he was getting some dyno work done at Mark Welch's shop they noticed quite a difference in whp based on which AFM was used. He said that better AFMs showed as much as 6 whp improvement... he knows a guy in the PNW that rebuilds them, so off goes the AFM to be rebuilt. This may turn out like the injectors, where it needs little freshening, but just in case. If the barndoor is working correctly I will be able to ignore the Alpha N option.

To answer your previous question yes, this car will remain stockish. It has H&R Sports on it so I am going to do the RSMs. At some point I may do sways... nothing that is irreversible in short notice.

I will get some pics soon. I haven't even driven the car to work yet...

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