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Need Help With Two 2008 528i Issues

Good Afternoon!

My wife has a 2008 528i which so far has been a good car. It's currently having two issues that I need advice on, please.

The brake light came on a couple of days ago. She took it to a brake shop and they said that she needed to replace all pads, sensors on pads (had to look it up, but understand now), and all 4 rotors equaling $1000+! I haven't seen the rotors yet, but was told they could not be turned since the have no lip? Don't know what that means or if it's something specific to BMWs

Is there anything different (besides the sensor) with BMWs which isn't the norm? Are the rotors different than standard ones (besides size and fit of course)? I've swapped numerous brake pads and a few calipers and rotors before - just not on a BMW. I read the sensor is attached to the pads and wears down therefore signaling light so cable/sensor does need replacing. I'm hoping to find minimum rotor thickness specs stamped on rotor, itself.

Radio's Aux Input
In the center console, there is a 1/8" (headphone size) jack as well as a USB port. Previously, these were used in conjunction with the radio being switched to "AUX" to listen to an iPod, iPhone, or flash drive via USB or anything else via 1/8" jack.

As of about a month ago, she told me that they no longer worked. I played with them last night and found that I couldn't even switch the radio to "AUX." It appeared and I could scroll to it, but when selecting it, nothing happened. Before doing so, I inserted a flash drive with MP3s on it which was known good as I was listening to it in my truck earlier in the day.

The only posts on the web I've found similar to this suggests upgrading the software which seems to be $200 out of warranty (it is), but believe it may be a newer version as the background is grey - not brown. Also, nothing has changed since it stopped working to my knowledge.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

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