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Originally Posted by B1MM3R View Post
Why not look for a 3.0 X5 if you're worried about the heavy maintenance of the v8? Ashlin loves her 3.0 and they are cheaper than the v8's...atleast around here.
This one just happened to pop up and at a good price.....

Originally Posted by petriej View Post
I've been very lucky with my X5, but it's an N62. I'm pretty scared of valvetronic in general, but it seems to be fine for now.

I see air suspension problems on xoutpost all the time, but mine are fine. Most people like us simply replace it with springs and deactivate the air system once it goes bad.

I've spoken to a few 3.0 X5 owners, and they actually get worse mileage than I do. I think because the engine has to work harder to move the truck, and folks tend to drive the piss out of them all the time. I baby mine just to keep gas expenses down, but I blip the throttle when I need to maneuver.

The automatic transmission is another beef. I think we're all well versed with the issues here, so I won't go into detail. Mine exhibits a kind of clunk/lurch, but only if you slam the throttle hard after a full/rolling stop. I've learned how to prevent it simply by being smooth and light on the pedal. Mine is the better 6-speed, though, which probably accounts for some of the better mileage, too.

Anyway, they're great vehicles and I'm very pleased with mine. Especially the interior. I do keep having to get into the door panels to fix the damn regulators/window carriers. I have it down to about 20m though, so it's not so bad.

If you can swing it, get a 4.6is. They can be had for 11-13k.
Hmm good info here, I am a little nervous, but if all the problem areas look to be in good order I may jump on it. As far as the air system, that is what I figured I would do. He says it has had some recent air system work, so we'll see if its fully functioning, and what exactly has been done to it.

How many miles on yours?

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
I'm guessing it's a combination of the N62, and the 6 speed overdrive.
I can guarantee right now you're not going to get anywhere close to that kind of mileage with a 4.4 M62+ 5spd.

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True, but the highlander gets 21 on the highway, so that is in the ballpark of a 4.4 X5. I also have heard and read that the v8's get almost the same if not better mileage than the 3.0's throughout all the years...

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