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P/S pump bolt broken, no tension: squealing. Remove belt for temporary sanity?

1985 325e, 170k+ miles

Hello all,
My power steering belt was making some awful noises (banshee squeal) and was awfully loose, so I got under to tighten it. Lo and belold, one of the mounting bolts was sheared off by some previous owner/mechanic, so it cannot be tensioned properly. The head of the bolt is missing and part of it is still lodged in the welded-on square nut.

QUESTION 1: Do I drill it out? Grind the nut off and replace with a nylock? Suggestions?

In the meantime, my car makes an horrrrible squeal at startup and intermittently while driving. Super loud. I am considering just taking the belt off to quiet this down until I can take of the bolt above.

QUESTION 2: If I remove the belt, how hard is it to drive without power steering?

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