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Originally Posted by BMR_LVR View Post
I continue to see you tell people to pull their codes relating to transmission problems. I have reviewed the code list for the stomp test and don't see any relating to the transmission; just the engine.

Please enlighten me/us as to how to pull codes for the transmission and what the codes to look for are.

There are the trans program errors, and there are errors related to the solenoid valves and adaptive transmission feature in the gearbox. I have seen these through code readers and some of them on posts as well. They may not all be in the manual but as we all know, the manual is not exhaustive, always user friendly, and sometimes does make errors (which may manifest as ommissions as well).

My greater point when it comes to pulling codes is to (a) see what codes have appeared in the first place, and there may be stuff you wish to see, code pulling if your car allows it should be the first step in diagnosing anything, and (b) delete the codes either via the stomp test or by unplugging the ecu, because that works many times.

As we have seen on many occasions and as I have noticed on my own car, codes which cause problems often disappear and stay away permanently along with the problems they came with. This was the case recently on my ride with the ect...i had bad fuel economy suddenly, read the codes, ect, deleted the codes, fuel economy normal, no repetition of codes. Perhaps the component was only transiently defective, perhaps the car was having a bad day, perhaps the code would have gone away after 60 starts with no trouble, perhaps we just got lucky that the codes stays away. I'm not sure.

Nevertheless, its another simple method to use to deal with anything related to the car that has proven its worth often enough to be in the quick and dirty list. Reading and noting codes and deleting codes via the stomp test or through unplugging and refixing the ecu after a few minutes in any case takes just 10-15 minutes in total so its a painless procedure.

OP, please check out the maintenance sticky thread at the top of these forums for more information on the stomp test and how to execute it on your car. There are also good explanatory videos on youtube about this. Furthermore, please search for and download the Bentley manual for E34s and check the section on transmission servicing. And its good that you're a girl....check out the old bmw commercials on E34s on youtube.

I personally don't know if there are any adverse consequence of overfilling the transmission, which is why I asked snowy about it. Of course, if you underfill your transmission, you can expect a whole host of problems, most of which will go away after you fill it up properly.

If you have filled up your transmission and your issues stay away thus proving that low fluid was the problem, you gotta check to see if you have any leaks anywhere. This is very important.

Snowy's point in reply to you is correct. Oftentimes, problems with the car coincide with other problems or their resolutions. They are not related or triggered by the earlier issues. It may take some sleuthing to figure that out. Regardless, whenever I have a problem that happens to come along due to another fix or a problem, I work on the initial assumptions that they are related.


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