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Mein Auto: Sorry VW,s
Hi Juggler greetings from Down Under in Australia as the poster of the repair-modification I can sympathize with every ones predicament . But you will find that like most German companies and others unless its a safety issue they will not bother with a recall . The main problem is there are two words to remember "Planned Obsolescence " its a common phrase these days nothing is forever and the BMW sunroof problem is just one in along line of issues I face every day in the sunroof industry . As a matter of interest the rear glass only tilts and to most people the loss of this action is not to important . Here in Australia the BMW dealers will only either close the roof or replace the whole assembly and its over $6000 for the part and at least another $1400 for the dealer to install it . I have experienced the lack of interest in manufacturing faults my self I own a couple of VW Transporter vans one manual one an automatic , the auto fitted van has failed after only 135000 kilometers and VW want $11000 for a new box plus fitting . It turns out that like others the auto is "Sealed for Life " and they will not service them result the oil decays and debris from moving parts inside block the filter and lo and behold total destruction is the result and after 2 months emailing VW Australia and Germany they just don,t give a rats arse about the issue and just hang you out to dry . So an over fifty thousand dollar van has been reduced to a near worthless state . It has been repaired but still cost ten thousand . Add insult to injury I was offered between $4000 and $8000 as a trade in because the VW dealers know the auto will be a problem . Type in VW DSG and enjoy the joys of VW making dud autos . Good luck with your Sunroof . Howard
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