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1) When I turn the engine off using the on/off button, the radio and dashboard lights stay on. So I have to push it again to turn it off completely?? Is there a way to just adjust it so the button turns off everything the first time?
->If you only hit the button once, the radio and dash lights will go off on their own after about 5 minutes, or immediately when you lock the car. However, if you wish to use the residual heat function, you must press the on/off button twice to totally shut the car down. Then use the driver's side fan button to set the residual heat.

2) I also have to open the car door by pulling on the lever twice. Can I just pull on it once and have it open? All this extra effort seems crazy to me.
->Your options are to pull the lever twice or unlock the doors first and pull the lever once. The car can be reprogrammed to automatically unlock the doors on shut down, but that requires recoding.

2) When I wear my sunglasses while driving, I can hardly see the pop up display. When I set it brighter, I can see it better but then it's really annoying when my sunglasses are off. Any trick to this?
->Polarized sunglasses interfere with the display. Nonpolarized sunglasses will not interfere. I keep two pair of sunglasses in my car. Nonpolarized for driving, and polarized for when I'm out and about.

3) The pop up projection display is shifted a bit to the left of my steering wheel. I can see where I can change the height of the projection but is there a way to ask BMW to center it more?
->Height and brightness are adjustable. Unfortunately, there is no horizontal adjustment.

4) My Ipod touch continues to charge in USB port even after I turn off the car and lock the doors. Will this drain the battery? Is there a way to disable this? Or do I have to unplug the ipod every time (it's an older large GB device).
->It only seems that way. About 15 minutes after you shut down the car, it will "go to sleep". You iPod will stop charging while the car is asleep. Once you open a door, the car "wakes up", and it will start charging again.

5) When I drive, if I take the foot off the gas pedal, the car slowly slows down, as if it's breaking. This even happens on a hill on the freeway. Is this normal? It seems like i have to "ride the accelerator petal" in order to maintain my speed. I am used to "coasting" but my car doesn't. Is this normal?
->This is normal. It has to do with the transmission programming.

Good luck with your car. It's beautiful!
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