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Originally Posted by BMR_LVR View Post
Roberto, I think you misinterpreted the tenor of my question. I was not asking sarcastically but seeking information. Take it as you will. I have just never seen codes for transmission problems that could be obtained by a typical owner, especially via the stomp test, of which you have instructed multiple people multiple times.

I'm sure that BMW dealers and/or higher level independent BMW mechanics have a computer system that can query the TCM for codes. I just thought you knew of a code check for the transmission that I was not aware of.
Steve sir, I apologise if I came across as being too defensive. You know that I will sic Bentley's ghost on anyone who dares to offend me, so you wouldn't dream of it. In truth, I don't personally like the process of fixing problems by deleting codes. Its too much of a chance factor for me, and even when it does work, sucks, because it shows that the car has weird mood unexplained mood swings etc.

To clarify, there are indeed transmission codes, whether they appear in the stomp test or not. They can be seen on bmw dis and peak readers (and probably carsoft too). I don't know of any other way to extract or derive usable transmission codes at this point.

Sometimes, merely deleting codes fixes a problem, especially one that seems to be unprovoked by any specific action/inaction. Before deleting the codes, they should be read and noted down in case useful information is present. After codes are deleted, the codes should be reread a few days later after some driving in between to see if any codes that appeared earlier are repeated. Codes that are repeated deserve scrutiny and action if they are judged to be important.

Codes should be one of the first things to be pulled in the process of diagnosing or gaining visibility on anything, as they are too easy to do if the stomp test works on one's E34. I forget this too often in my recommendations and so I try to start off with this one first nowadays.

As an aside, I just encountered an android friendly bluetooth OBD2 code reader adaptor on ebay ! The adaptor connects to the car and interfaces with the smartphone through the bluetooth receiver on the phone. The phone has a free downloadable software that can display codes. Hot stuff man !!! Unfortunately they don't seem to have an OBD1 version but I'm positive that its just around the cornere.
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