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What I think can be improved on my X1.

I have my x1 for 2,000 miles and I want to share the NEGATIVES specifically about the X1, and the features in X1 that are also found in other cars. Again, there are a lot other positives, but I am just ranting about the negatives now.

First, a little background about me. I love technology and always try to use and learn the options I buy to their fullest extend. That's why I bought the E60 545i with SMG, HUD... with all the options back in 2004. So I do not fear innovation nor detest changes.

Here are the features that I do not find appealing:

1. No oil dipstick: I am not trying to shoot a dead horse, but I always check my fluids and like to change my own oil. Instead of just puling a dip stick up now I have to go through a lengthy steps: Also it will take 3-5 minutes for the read out to be displayed!

Checking the engine oil level
Your car is equipped with an electronic engine oil level check.
***9655; The engine must be running and warm afterthe vehicle has been driven for at least 6.2 miles/10 km.
***9655; The vehicle is stopped or being driven on a level roadway.
Display in the instrument cluster
1. Lightly press button 1 in the turn indicator lever up or down repeatedly until the appropriate symbol appears in the display, accompanied
by the word "OIL".
2. Press button 2 in the turn indicator lever.
The oil level is checked and the reading displayed.
3. Oil level is being checked. This can take about 3 minutes if the car is at a standstill on alevel surface, or about 5 minutes while the car is on the

2. Start/Stop button: Pressing to start is not complicated or unpleasant, but in order to shut down the engine, I have to first press stop, apply the hand brake, press the "P", then take the foot off the brake, then press the stop again. I have restarted the engine several time inadvertendly because my foot was still on the brake.

3. Shift lever: I have the 8-speed sDrive, so I get the new shifter. To be honest, I prefer the 35i's older style shifter because it's a lot more ergonomic than the new shifter. My fingers are not 6 inches long so I can't operate the shifter lock while holding the lever in a normal way. I have to press it with the side of my thum while hooking the lever with my index finger a la "capitain hook".

4. Unsupportive seats: This applies to Xline seats only, I am pretty sure BMW sports seats are marvelous. The seats in Xline is very ussuportive in the thight area.

5. Angle of the Nav Screen: The navigation screen is tilted too much upward and the shelf is blocking the bottom of the screen. I am 5'9" and in order to view the nav screen fully, I have to elevate my seat up. I think the screen should be moved out a bit for better view.

Other than these observations, I am really enjoying our X1.
MY05 545i SMG, sport-pack, L7, comfort seats, Navigation, Auburn Dakota leather/Jet Black. Euro-delivery.[COLOR=Navy]
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