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Installation of ignition switch in 1993 E36 sedan

I had an issue with the car not starting but power remaining on. After replacing the original ignition switch I can now start the switch with a screw driver and car functions fine.

However, I am having a difficult time mating the ignitin switch with the tumbler in the column. Unfortunately a mechanic who worked in the area before broke off one of the rabbit ears that holds one of the grub screws which holds the switch in. When I dismantled the original switch, it was held in by one grub screw and two twist ties.

Is there a particular tool to use or position of the male portion of the tumbler (if that's the right term) to get the ignition switch to mate with the tumbler/ignition assembly? I'm lining up the appropriate "male and female" portions of the respective parts but can't get them to mate so-to speak. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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