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Originally Posted by Nick323 View Post
TerrorActivity, I think ask yourself 3 questions:
1) How much experience in swaps do I have or can I get somebody good to do that for me
2) How much money am I prepared to spend
3) In what condition is the rest of the vehicle & what will I have to do/spend before it can handle the envisaged power

Personally I would stick with a 6 cylinder that uses a similar crank-trigger arangent as the M20 motor and then use the Unichip to control the stock ECU, MAF and Vanos

The V8, V10 and V12 all require extensive rewiring of the entire body of the car, they aren't plug and play in any sence of the word.

as for which one. thats a stupid question. first you need to ask your self these questions:
1/ Do i want a engine that is cool, not necessarily the best or cheapest, or do i want all out power, or do i want the easiest swap
2/ Does it have to be a BMW motor
3/ Is my budget $2k, $20k or $200k?

of the ones you said, the M60 is the easiest, M70 would be middle, and the V10 would be BY FAR the hardest to do. but bear in mind when i say the M60 is the easiest, its still a LOT more work in itself than an M50/M52 conversion, and close on half of people will balls even that up the first time they do it. Bolting any of these engines in is the easy part. making them run is the hard part.

Yes i do know what im talking about by the way. I have an M70 E34. There would be at least 200-300 cut and resoldered wires in that car and i love it to bits, but its to say i have a V12, not because i want all out power. For the V12, it is actually quite a low performance motor, reletive to other V8s and V12s of the day. probably why the 850Ci was never really that popular. I could have dropped an S54 in there for a similar amount of money, which would have been quicker, but i didnt want another I6

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