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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
Steve sir if you can spare a few minutes, would you mind detailing how the reverse gear in your former e34 went out, the leadup to it, and any advice you received from techs about that which you feel is correct. Perhaps it can help us understand this a bit better.
Well, let me see if I can remember. The car had 256K on the original transmission. It was regularly serviced by a good independent mechanic (this was my pre-diy days for BMW).

It began as follows. In the mornings upon first start up, I would place the car in reverse and there was just a slight delay in gear engagement at first ... perhaps a 2-3 second delay. Once warmed up, it would engage fine. This went on for maybe a week or so. It was quite some time ago so I am unclear on the time frames. The problem progressively got worse with the delays lasting as long as up to 10 seconds. Finally, it would just not go into reverse at all. All forward gears worked fine. I tried Lucas transmission treatment prior to it letting go completely and don't recall seeing any improvement.

I was told by the indy mech that this was a known problem with these transmissions and would need to be rebuilt or replaced. I'm sorry but I don't remember what specifically he said was the actual problem. I don't have enough knowledge of transmission internals to even take a stab at it.

The car also needed a new aux fan and I was told that the combined repair would be approximately $4300, so I just salvaged it for $600 If I had only known then what I know now. I would likely have done a 5 speed swap and changed the aux fan myself.

I can't speculate on what OP's problem is (due to my limited knowledge of the tranny internals), but I agree that a proper fluid level check is paramount, and if the fluid level is correct, then I agree with BMWFF about going to a transmission specialist rather than a BMW mechanic. Looking back, my indy mech may have just not wanted to mess with it or he may have been giving me some good fatherly advice based on his experience.
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It's Deja Poo - as in, I've heard this **** before.

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