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They are held on by spring clips inside the slip on tip. Hold a piece of wood on the back edge of the slip on tip (the end that is closest to the muffler) and give it a sharp tap with a mallet or dead blow hammer That should loosen it enough to just slide it out.

Check the board sponsor vendors for a quality chrome replacement tip. The trick is to find one with the correct rolled slant edge, to cover the end of the muffler properly. Replacements may have to be bolted or tack welded on.

I think the OEM tip cover is brushed steel. It could probably be polished out to really nice shine. Look around your area for a shop that does polishing.

Originally Posted by mikesevel View Post
We now own an '08 328i Atlantic Blue retractable hardtop. It replaced my accident destroyed Z4.
The Z4 had two stainless(?) exhaust tips and I covered them with chrome tips. With the 328i, the exhaust tips have an aluminum color. They were crappy dirty so I cleaned with WD40, 409 and Scratch-X. Ok but not great looking. The tips seem to be pressed on with no retaining screws. Are they original or did someone add aftermarket tips? On the muffler side, they seem to be suspended in air with no evidence of a weld mark. I would like to replace the tips with chrome tips. Big job removing the aluminum tips? Other than BMW, can you suggest a source of high quality chrome tips?
Thanx and happy holidaze to y'all.
Mike Sevel
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