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This is a really good post for a new owner of a BMW. I really appreciate the post MRV99 placed. It sums it up nicely. I purchased a used 2008 535i with 56k miles and had experienced, in the past 6 months, a water pump, thermostat, windshield wiper reservoir and mechatronics seal failure. Going into this purchase I knew I was going to buy a 3rd party warranty. I got one for an additional 60k miles on top of what the car already has. I have done very well by having it. I really enjoy this car and am completely hooked. Yes, the incidents are frustrating but I bought a car used and when I purchase any car I get on a proactive maintenance schedule to 'be ahead of the curve.' I'll gladly take my '08 535i sedan over my last 4 Hondas that easily gave me 100k miles on a proactive maintenance schedule. IMO it's the amount of money you have to spend and MRV99 put it in perspective.
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