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This is the latest news I have on the 760i stalling problem. Century BMW in Greenville tells me the car is inoperable and is a hazard in this condition. UGH!

- High Pressure Fuel Pumps. HPFP on Bank 1 failing. $2,600 parts, 12 hours labor, costs: $4,092.00
- Return Valve not holding pressure. Parts and labor: $650.00.

Service Advisor said they are confident that if they replace the HPFP on bank 1 it will result in HPFP failure on bank 2. Two HPFP, $5,300.00, 24 hours of labor, $2,865.00, total parts and labor: $8,163.00.

Also, have any of you owners with Active Headlights seen an active headlight assembly failure. Headlight looks fine to me other than the Angel Eye not lighting. BMW says it is not a safety hazard and does not impact drivability.

If you know of any BMW indy service in Greenville, SC let me know. I have used Beamers and Benz for service on my 1998 BMW 750iL in the past. They did good work and charged reasonable fees. Unfortunately, when I asked them about HPFP's they said the dealer should do the work.

MOPAULY, I have been in touch with the dealer in Houston that I purchased the car from, Autobyzack, and they requested the detailed BMW repair estimate. Let's hope they keep their word to me that "Everything will be alright. Send us what BMW has provided".

Thanks for all the replies and keep them coming.
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