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Originally Posted by Eight Thirty View Post
Okay so you guys know that my headliner looks like this:

(not the most recent)

At night i can imagine that the headliner having like a moonlight glow. so i want to achive that.

Im looking to buy 5 blacklight peimar led lights single bulbs.

I have no clue what im looking for here.. and the cheapest i found was 1.99 on amazon each... i though LED's were cheap? f***

Then im looking for a small dimmer switch that i want to install down near the steering wheel.... like below the column but on that lower dash area. so a small black dimmer so i can control the blacklight that is emitting from these.

How do i wire these to make them all the same brightness and run off the dimmer? i cant imagine it... I know it would be a pain... but can you draw a picture? im going to try to draw one too... to see if my idea is right. but would i be wiring up in parellel or in series? series will cause them all to spilt power and parrellel wouldnt right?

would i need any resistors or anything of the sort?

what power line should i be thinking of taping into?

and then the ground.... just anywhere on the chassis?

does either of these look right? sorry if they are terrible or wrong... im just guessing

Have you got those led lights. Even I am thinking of purchasing some led lights

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