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Originally Posted by johnf View Post
Well, I have always been the sort who liked to confirm the details on something, preferably once, so I won't have to think about them again. I think living in Germany has encouraged part of that. Or it may be a case of what H.L. Mencken suggested as his epitapth: as he got older, he got worse.

If the problem is transient, you would probably need a digital oscilloscope or scopemeter together with a current shunt or clamp-on DC hall effect probe to capture the problem.

If I understand you correctly, the HIDs are blowing both fuses even when they are 10A? How quickly does the fuse blow or the fuses blow?
My apologies for the delay in responding! Boy,..what a week!

I'm sure you're just maturing with age..just like a fine bottle of wine

I had a think after you comments on blowing the fuses..took me back to physics and electronics..what could cause such a sharp spike in A as soon as they are turned on?

Well, I tried swapping the ballasts..that was a waste of time. Turns out, they were fine.
So racking my brain, the only idea I could come up with, was a short-circuit. I rechecked all the connections and cables and I was just about to give up until..the bulb! I popped off the dust and water protection cap and sure enough the connections to the bulbs were touching each other more than a French I duct-taped one of them so no metal was exposed and - voila! Problem solved!

Thanks for all the help guys! =D
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