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Originally Posted by ironman27 View Post
i do have an after market air intake on my car.
Hmm. Well, not being being able to see the setup for myself, I'd start by being suspicious of that... Aftermarket/cold-air-intakes (CAI's) can be much more susceptible to water ingestion than the OEM setup... Is the breather element low on the car; exposed; susceptible to standing/puddling water or water immersion; etc...? Was this an automated car wash, or one of those do-it-yourself-er's with a spray wand...?

There's at least a possibility that enough water got sprayed or sucked into the air intake to cause this problem. And because of it's incompressible nature, it takes surprisingly little liquid to hydrolock an engine -- even a larger-displacement V8 like you've got in your 540i... You don't have to fill the entire engine with water; maybe a cup or so in one or two cylinders... Once something like a connecting rod gets bent, the engine may run briefly (and poorly), but it's pretty-much done...

Sorry to be bringing doom and gloom to you for the holidays, but that's where my suspicions are at the moment... Granted, it's all pure speculation on my part, and I sincerely hope that I'm wrong. But either way, someone is probably going to have to take a closer look at your engine, I think; or provide some kind of evaluation of your aftermarket air intake setup at the very least...

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