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Originally Posted by maggasp View Post
Thanks for the info, that's a good write up and should be included in the mechatronic sleeve DIYs. It sounds manageable but at this point (and outside temperature) I'm throwing in the towel.

I called the dealer and my Indy mechanic to compare prices, and the dealer service advisor claimed that a computer reset is necessary after replugging the transmission. This is the first I've heard of that, can you confirm?

It's pretty disappointing that I couldn't get this job done. The complexity and packaging in these cars are getting beyond my skill level, and scared of the next generation tire valve stems that require headliner removal before checking the tire pressure.
Total bull.

You need to reset adaptations if you did anything to the fluid, but just unplugging/replugging doesn't matter. I doubt the car ever even knows.

Originally Posted by dkotanto View Post

I did clear the transmission adaptation settings using the INPA software as I did change the transmission fluid and I wanted the tranny to re adapt using fresh fluid. They will have to connect their diagnostic equipment in order to correctly refill the transmission. They will need to monitor the transmission fluid temperature and without connecting their diagnostic equipment, they won't do it right.. Nowhere in the TIS it says they have to reset the ECU just for unplugging and plugging the harness.
It is certainly easier to use the computer for that information, but it's not all that hard to do without. Just a cheap infrared thermometer works. Personally I looked up the temperatures/converted to F and found they needed to be between hot tub water temperature and right above what you can touch without feeling like you can burn your hand. Basically you over fill at first then let it get to hotter than hot tub temperature, by that point oil should be slowly drizzling out. Put the plug back in and you're good to go.

Originally Posted by pcy View Post
Cheap Infrared thermometer (around $20) can read trans fluid temp without having to connect to fancy BMW diagnostic equipment.

As OP said, pretty soon, BMW will require all passengers to be registered/programmed to the car so that the car can calibrate itself. During the registration process, electronic chip will be embedded in to all registered occupants' **** :-)
lol, soon. very soon.
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