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I would not recommend that you install springs that aren't made for for your car specifically. The spring rates are made specifically for each vehicle application. Vehicle suspension is something that I'm extremely passionate about. Paring up an aftermarket spring with more aggressive spring rates will definitely cause your OEM non-sport or sport shocks to wear out over time. This is due to the fact that OEM shocks are simply not meant to handle the more aggressive spring rates. Think of it this way, you're putting a shorter spring with a longer shock body. The shorter springs will cause the shocks to compress to its maximum setting every time you hit a bump due to the longer travel distance. What this can cause is what's known as bump steer and jarring of the ride. This is what for the most part affects ride quality.

Rather than doing a shock/spring combo, have you considered going with a coilover system? You get what you pay for when it comes to vehicle suspension. As such a crucial component of your vehicle, suspension is definitely something you do not want to cheap out on. A coilover suspension basically gives you a matched lowering spring and shock absorber combination with the added benefit of adjustable ride height and spring rates through a moveable spring perch or perches. Coilovers are to your car's advantage by reducing unsprung mass, increasing suspension travel, and allowing the car to be corner balanced.

I'd recommend that you check out the ST Coilovers by KW Suspension. Coming from the makers of KW suspension systems the only main difference between the ST Variant 1 and KW Variant 1 is the steel they use. While KW uses Stainless Steel for their shock housing, ST uses Galvanized Steel. However, this does not mean a drop in quality, durability, or appearance. Although coilovers that use galvanized steel are more prone to corrosion due to environmental influences (i.e. mixture of salt water); those in the lower states: California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc. don't have to worry about corrosion. Those in the mid to upper States that snow still don't have much to worry about as long as they do not drive in heavy snow conditions upon where salt is used on roads. to further ensure those with doubt about Galvanized Steel, ST has corrosion resistant zinc plating on all of their threaded strut housings for further protection.

The ST V1 coilovers will give you the ability to adjust the height of your car with pre-set damping from the engineers at KW. This is perfect for an everyday driver and does still maintain a ride quality that is similar to the OEM Sport Suspension. It's slightly stiffer and will definitely give you more responsiveness on turns as compared to the OEM setup.

Front Lowering: 1.0" to 2.2"
Rear Lowering: 1.0" to 2.2"

I can also get you a pretty good deal on the ST V1 coilovers which will probably be around a similar price point to a spring/shock combo. I'll drop you a pm with more details!
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