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Just to confirm; did the tapping / knocking Vanos sound only appear after you did all of that work? If so, it might not be the vanos at all. Bit of a long shot but I would recommend checking that all of your spark plugs are torqued done properly (like, seriously properly) and that the rubber spark plug boots from the coils are all in good shape with no tears or deformations.

You probably know this but especially on these cars, a loose spark plug (and I'm just talking BARELY loose at all) can easily sound like a vanos rattle, bent connecting rod, or any other knocking kind of sound. And despite my torquing my spark plugs exactly to spec, they seem to loosen a bit fairly easily and create some noise.

I once thought I'd bent a connecting rod and was about to give up until I just gave the plugs down bank 2 a bit of a tighten. I couldn't believe they could make that much noise but... there is some pretty serious compression in these motors.


1996 BMW 730iL
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