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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
And now, Snowy, after such a long time has passed, it is time for me to tell you exactly what is wrong with the OP's car.

The problem with the OP's car, is the OP himself. He is a clown. Does not do his job properly and is more focused on being right than on fixing up his car or tracking problems down properly, or allowing his experience to expand by the insights given by others. That's why he asks silly questions needlessly instead of running through everything all over again to see what he must have missed (even mechanics miss things). That's why he does not respond here, even to rebut seemingly impatient posts to him. No real pride or an inner sense of guilt about what he must be screwing up. And certainly no sense of gratitude for all those who have pitched in to help him solve the problem (including yourself I might add).
Or maybe he was just..... busy

He thinks he is really smart because he has done all the things most novices wouldn't, and is thus incapable of making a mistake. Which is why he wonders if the fuel pressure regulator is off instead of simply double checking his work or posting up videos, in case he/we discover a negligent error on his part. The silly thing is that we have all been there and wouldn't care about it but the ego gets in the way. And so a perfectly good E34 turns into a hunk of dead metal sitting there. I don't know about you but that does bother me.

Such people should just take their cars to mechanics to begin with or sell it off to someone else if they don't have the money or don't feel it is worth the investment. You gotta pay if you wanna play, as you so wisely said recently snowy.

It was obvious to me very early on that the OP was the obstacle here, and not the car. So that's why I said to you...look deeper, and the hidden truth will become obvious. Don't waste your time when its clear that its the driver who is the problem. Notice that everybody else stopped responding except me, and most of my later replies were in response to you.

It doesn't matter if this is a new member or an old one. Poor character is poor character and a wanker is a wanker.

Pretty harsh assement bobby, and coming from someone who clearly has no understanding of cars, I find it incredibly humorous to see you placing yourself above others around here. I read lots of transferance in your post, have you spent time looking in the mirror lately?

I honestly can not belive he is back for more, I really can not.

I think we would all appreciate if you would post a whole lot less in the threads. It really gets old watching you try to domintate conversations on topics you do not understand fully.
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