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My wife was looking to replace her Lexus SUV, and we were given a 2.8 X3 to drive for a couple of days, then we returned it and were given a 3.5 model for a couple of days. The 4 cylinder has a remarkable amount of torque, and is exceptionally quiet when idling (no, engine not off!). It does of course have a different engine and exhaust sound than the 6 cylinder, but it was quite nice. Driving the 3.5, however, revealed a different launch, acceleration feel, and a throatier exhaust. While the turbo 4 is impressive (and gets better mileage) the 6 won her and my heart. Smooth, fast, responsive, and sublime. To us, the few extra dollars for gasoline was worth the uptick in confidence and overall feel of the bigger engine. (Obviously it's more expensive which is clearly a consideration too). Good luck with your choice - let us know what it is!

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