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Originally Posted by _Ethrty-Andy_ View Post
Here are some of my reasons:
- You have not seen a clean city until you go there. Instant $200 fine if you drop so much as a cigarette butt, however police presence has dropped a lot in the last 10 years or so due to everyone realising the difference it makes.
- No polutting cars as everything over 7 years cannot be registered on the road.
- And everyone is incredibly friendly and the food is good too.
- Climate is like summer all year round. Rainy season is actually nice.
- But the single biggest attraction to me is the fact that they have had a right wing government in power for over 40 years, and it shows. they went from literally a nothing city to a leading city in the world for commerce and IT etc. What is the next 40 years going to bring?

Wikipedia has a good article if your interested

I want to live there for 6 months in the near future and see how i go living there, but i dont think migrating there just yet is right untill i get a good financial backing here. Housing is very expensive compared to here, 70-80% of people rent there.

as for cities in the USA, just California/Nevada really so i really do not have a rounded view to be fair. But i have been to LA San Dieago and Las Vegas while living in Anahiem for quite some time. Its strange but i just didnt feel overly safe there. I will be careful what i say seeing as this is an american forum, but i found a scary proportion of people, although friendly, quite arrogant/ignorant. I also cant stand the accent, its a good job i dont have to hear you guys i just read you
Wow, Singapore sounds very interesting. Looked at spending a year in Denmark partly because of there rather strange economic system and the education system. Its not completely off the table just expensive.

Haiti is a rather discussing country. I don't think the country even has a landfill or insidorator. After they are done drinking something they simply thrust it out a window of there car or toss it in a ditch along the road and go on with there lives.

I haven't spent anytime on the east coast so you have more experience then I do. Most right-wingers wish California would just fall off the continental US. Or just leave there shenanigans out of are lives. Too be honest there a reasons why I don't go near the city. Want a be gangbangers, culture is horrid.

Their is no real way to express how I feel about city the people who live in cities. That doesn't mean good people don't live there just a plethora of .
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