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1. Do the pressure test anyway, but do not pay to pressure test your radiator. Purchase the kit from ebay...its roughly $40 shipped, which would be about the cost of getting it done professionally. You can keep it for life, its a good thing trust me.

2. I bet ebay has the block testing kit as well.

3. I suggest that you purchase a new rad cap and bleed screw even if the rad pressure test is successful...under $15 shipped in total. Its just insurance. You know, old car...

4. What is the colour of your coolant ? Does it have a good, strong smell (when you sniff the rad cap ) ? If it doesn't, please add cheap, strong smelling, brightly coloured coolant to your existing setup. I use 2 cans of coolant which cost $3.50 each. Being bright green, it is much easier to identify the source of leaks if they occur. Being strong smelling, if a hose should leak or burst especially while driving, the strong smell invades the cabin and alerts you to a problem up to 10 minutes before your engine actually begins to overheat. Remember the car buzzes when you leave the light on, but has no alarm when it is overheating. So this is a quick and dirty way to protect/alert yourself, especially if you do not intend to change all of your engine bay's coolant hoses to new ones. This is always recommended, the hoses themselves are not that expensive mayber $150 total for everything, but it is very troublesome job especially for the m50 engine.

5. Where are you coolant levels now ? How much are you losing daily ? Did you do any radiator flushes recently ? Did you change any hoses recently ? Often when this happens, air gets trapped in the system and is evacuated out to the expansion tank during driving, giving the impression that water levels are falling.

6. Keep monitoring your coolant levels daily until this is fixed or fully understood to be benign. Top up once it drops 2 marks below the cold level. Don't top up earlier.

7. I am sorry to post this and attempt to dominate this conversation even though I have owned fewer cars and am younger and more handsome than Snowy.


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