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I originally preferred the coupe personally but had a few guys tell me the sedan ir more livable with daily and easier to resell when that time comes because it appealed o a broader market. I know these are just opinions of three co workers but I thought I would ask here because typically I find forum members have better info that guys off the street. Plus all these guys drive sedans(745 and 2 drive 535's). The year and price difference is what I wanted to find out from you guys, is the newer one much different over the '09 and if so is it worth the money for the changes. Kinda like with any other vehicle where 2 years can mean a drastic difference either for better or worse.

On the dealership they had the black one there but the coupe was nowhere to be found but it did show in inventory, salesman said he thinks they recently shipped to another store here in town because they have been sitting on it awhile.

I was also curious if they have these cars priced high, I have found comparable '09s with similar mileage from $38k-$45k so I want to know what a fair offer would be. I think personally I want the coupe if history is clean and car looks to be in good shape.

I looked at one 2009 M3 that had 15k miles and 12 trips to the dealership for a check engine light issue that the dealer could never resolve. The salesman told me that all issues had been fixed and was perfect now but when he said they shipped the car back to the factory to get fixed I figured he was just trying to sell me a car. Found out later it was a California lemon law buy back vehicle that had found its way to Texas and felt like I was lucky I didnt purchase the vehicle. When looking at preowned cars I go over document I can find about the cars history to try and avoid as many potential problems as possible.
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