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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60 View Post
I agree that the Germans engineer cars better. I just bought an X3 because it drives better than any SUV I've ever driven. I just don't think that as a BMW owner we should have to resign ourselves to crappy production that result in service issues. There's no excuse for building $50K+ luxury vehicles and implicitly telling your clients that you should expect to have service issues because we build better engineered vehicles than others.

Some of my friends have had no problems with thier Bimmers, but others have warned me to beware. I'm a bit worried.
I have owned X3 2005 for the past 8 years and 100k miles. I only had couple of issues with my old one one both related to the power window regulators on the rear left and right needed to be changed at 70k and 90k miles. One issue with A/C hose was taken care of during the warranty period. All the other services to this car were wear and tear related. My 100k is mainly commute to work AM/PM stop/go traffic which is equivalent of >150k on highway driving. Again, I can speak only for myself. Buying a car is like you ending up with one bad doctor in a very good hospital or one bad teacher in a very good school. BMW, being one of the top car company's in the world, always get criticized for small things. Good pro player always comes under scrutiny for small issues. Good luck with your X3. You will not regret your purchase.
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