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Originally Posted by shane.reid View Post
I think you are missing the point...

I'm, and others, are saying that on AVERAGE, a 50k+ car should be able to withstand AVERAGE lease usage. They should be designed to deal with an AVERAGE user for 3 years.

I'd even guess that on AVERAGE, they probably are.

I agree that they will not withstand all users for that time period, but on average...

So then, a CPO car, on average, should be reliable at that point.

You might disagree with that as true, but you shouldn't disagree with it as an expectation.
I am not denying the fact that a 50k CPO car should have at least average reliability. My only problem is that if the average being 50% or even 40% of the CPO cars cannot be trusted and I only get one chance based on 40-50% probability and ending up with the bad one is pretty high compared to the 2-3% of the new one. May be I am biased -bitten once long time back. Personally I wouldn't buy any CPO as they don't add any value when you can lease a new luxury car for the less money with incentives. Buying/leasing of new cars worked for me for the past 12 years (2 cars in the family at a time). Again at the end of the days everything come down to financials and personal preferences. Good luck.
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