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Originally Posted by Tyannt View Post
I don't have the problem anymore... BLEEDING solved it.

My apologies if my post sounded like I was suggesting the
OP's problem was only bleeding. It was just MY personal experience.

Hi Tyrant,

From my experience, and I recently changed my radiator and was "losing" coolant for nearly 3 weeks, then for 1 week it was all cool, then I was "losing" coolant again, then it was all cool, then I've not lost more than an inch of coolant in 7 days.....I realise that a huge amount of air entered and stayed in the system during the rad change despite proper bleeding.

However, that huge amount of air slowly and eventually made its way out to the expansion tank. It has taken almost 1 month for that to happen.

My engine did not overheat at all due to this. I'm running without my fan clutch as well, and am just using my dual speed aux fan for primary cooling.

Your engine is the same as mine. It should not have overheated over this.

Air has a tendency to rise from the bottom of an engine to the top, more so for heated air. Air will be pushed around by fluid. Coolant is pushed around by the water pump, which pushes around the air, which eventually makes it out to the radiator and collects under the bleed screw etc. Water pressure is increased during driving, thus pushing water and trapped air around the system.

Many mechanics do not understand the nuances of our engines. Many enthusiasts understand the car far better than professional mechanics. This is the reason why more than one person has spent hundreds of dollars with mechanics and not solved problems, only to come to forums such as these and find the solutions, usually rather rapidly I might add.

Many mechanics misdiagnose the problem but solve it along the way while attending to something else. They are blind to what they have done in effect because well such is the power of their prior beliefs.

I understand that you feel that bleeding....sorry, BLEEDING....solved your problem. I am very sure that it did not. However, if I had not had this weird experience with my own radiator recently (which my mechanic confirms is typical when a new radiator is changed), I would have been tempted to agree with you. And, I might add, I changed my radiator when the engine was cold i.e. the thermostat should be nice and closed, which means no air should have entered the block from outside, and the cold bleed that I did should have sorted it out, and anything left over should have been settled by the hot bleeding I did later.

I was not there to see exactly what else your mechanic did that may have ended up fixing the problem. OR, the problem may have temporarily righted itself randomly. I know that is a unconvincing reason, but it has been known to happen. Coincidence is taken for correlation. I once had a thermostat stick open. I ran cold and normal for around one week. Then, it stayed normal for almost 8 months before this started happening again. Weird.

My original question to you remains unanswered. Did you recently change your thermostat ? Water pump ?


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