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Originally Posted by Tyannt View Post

I did not change the thermostat or the water pump.

DO inform me what solved my problem.

Coincidence is not correlation. Please read my earlier responses to you.

If it took nearly 3 weeks for all the air to evacuate itself out of my engine, without much if any being introduced into the block during my radiator change, and if in that time, there was zero overheating issues, then that is also factual evidence that you must confront.

Water levels kept falling in such a way that I actually thought I had a serious problem with my engine. I had to run various tests etc to rule out a hg or cylinder head issue.

Remember, you did bleed your radiator, and despite that your engine overheated or at least ran hot. Then your mechanic bled it and it seems to be ok. Bleeding is not rocket science. Think back to your experience. I doubt you did anything different from your mechanic.

So, i feel it was probably a coincidental fix. As I have said, it has been known to happen.

On these forums, when it comes to overheating issues, 90% of these are caused by failing water pumps and thermostats. Thus, unless you have changed these out recently, I suggest you do so. It is a regular maintenance item anyway.

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