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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
Steering wheel retaining nut is 22mm. Loosening the wheel won't help getting the column unlocked. Removing it will, because you're going to have to do what Father Figure said and unbolt the column to access the tumbler and column lock mechanism. To do that you have to remove the wheel, the turn, wiper and cruise control switches and the security screws. I've been through this now with an E24, an E30 and an E36. All are differently arranged, but all have those blasted security screws to contend with. A Dremel with a cutoff wheel works great for putting screwdriver slots in the head of those screws. Fortunately they won't be very tight.
to do that you have to remove the wheel, thus solving the problem anyways. It is not easy to drop the steering column in an E30 and very ass about face way to do it. it usually has pins that are tack welded in from memory.
would be easier to just take a hammer drill to the barrel and drill it out. your going to do that if you drop the colum anyway

im also 100% sure its a 23mm nut for the steering wheel, because i had to buy a socket for it about 3 weeks ago when i left my ratchet extension and 23mm socket in a junk yard, of course gone when i realised and went back for it

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