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Originally Posted by Tyannt View Post
Just to add to AMK's problem, I had a 91 525 M50 doing the same thing.

Same symptoms, AND overheating, froth under the oil cap and white smoke bellowing.
Froth under the oil cap ? white smoke, billowing from the tailpipe ? And you think that this was caused by air in the engine's coolant passages ?

I suggest you call up or pay a visit to your mechanic and find out exactly what he did with your car. And if he says that all that he did was regular bleeding, then please ask him to explain how air in the water jacket causes white smoke out the tailpipe and froth under the cap.

Hot spots in your engine can certainly vapourise your coolant, but short of a HG leak or a cracked head, coolant vapour cannot reach the engine oil and cannot leak into the combustion chamber to be expelled out as white smoke.

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