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Same problem, little less mileage on mine. If you run your hand around the circumference of the tire on the row of tread blocks that are the inside edge of the tire you will probably notice some up and down undulations, or lumps. I think these are probably creating the noise issue. Several tire shops have said "BMW's with run-flats all do that to the tire, and best ride quality is going to be with non-run flat tires". I haven't changed the tires yet as there is still good tread life, but if you can identify the lumpy ones the noise is not as noticeable if the lumpy ones are on the rear rather than the front of the car. If it makes economic sense to get the P7's price adjusted out on a new P7, the tires may (seems dependent on country) have road hazard coverage, so not a big deal to create an unfortunate incident where the tire gets "cut" in the sidewall....

In my experience getting a tire price adjusted still would come to about $250 all in. That seemed to be not a great deal for a tire with 7/32" tread depth remaining. I am trying to ignore the noise while I try to determine if there is a better replacement option for the original P7's.
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